Fashion jewelry comes with its own share of myths and assumptions that are far from the truth. Take a look at some of them.

It Doesn’t Need Extra Care

Women’s fashion jewelry purchased at Bon Jewel in Del Mar looks as great as fine jewelry and authentic pieces. Over time though, they can lose their luster and shine and begin to oxidize. This is usually because they have not been given the care they require. An extra bit of attention can go a long way in making sure your fashion jewelry lasts long and stays in great condition.

It Doesn’t Need to be Stored Properly

Oxidation is a common fault that occurs with most fashion jewelry and usually happens when certain areas are exposed to certain amounts of oxygen. Fashion jewelry can corrode if it’s mixed with other metals. Properly store each piece separately in an airtight container, or in special boxes designed for jewelry, or even in cotton pouches. Ensuring lower exposure to moisture and oxygen and sorting jewelry according to their base metal can help to lengthen the life of your accessories.

It Doesn’t Need Proper Placing

Proper storage isn’t enough to ensure that your jewelry lasts long, right placing is equally vital. Necklaces should be hung on hooks and not placed in pouches to avoid tangles. Chandelier and dangle earrings should also be hung vertically and individually. Studs, pendants, and rings should be placed in separate pouches to prevent friction and damage.

It’s Only Meant for Casual Everyday Wear

Unlike popular understanding, high-end fashion jewelry isn’t necessarily worn every day. Some pieces of women’s fashion jewelry purchased at Bon Jewels, in Del Mar are statement jewelry and are relatively expensive. They are to be worn to glam up an outfit for a special occasion. It helps to rotate your pieces on a regular basis to ensure that they shine longer.

It’s Fine To Wear In any Weather

Just because fashion jewelry is affordable and easily available, it doesn’t mean that it can be worn on any surface or in any weather. Avoid wearing necklaces, earrings, or bracelets on freshly moisturized skin. If you are in a wet place or the pool, take off your jewelry immediately, and in humid weather always wipe off the moisture or sweat as often as possible.

It Can Be Worn Only With Similar Matching Pieces

When it comes to layering or mixing and matching, people usually piece together pieces of similar material or color. With fashion jewelry don’t be afraid to use silver or gold chains together or mix rings of different colors or shapes. As long as the style matches and you love the look it creates, anything is possible.

Women’s fashion jewelry sold at Bon Jewels, in Del Mar will continue to hold a prominent place in the life of a woman because of its ever-evolving, trendy, and glamorous nature.

Nothing can add that extra ‘wow’ factor like fashion jewelry can. It’s easy on the pocket, is available in every conceivable color, design, shape, and material, and it’s a great way to draw attention.