Tired of sticking to just one metal a day when putting on your jewelry? Plain gold jewelry or plain silver jewelry can get old. But can you wear gold and silver jewelry together? The answer is of course! 

We know it can be tricky getting the hang of mixing metals, but don’t wait to experiment, here are a few tips to get you started:

Layered Looks

A great way to start breaking rules and mixing metals is to create a layered look. Create your layers by stacking multiple necklaces of varying metals and lengths for an on-trend look. Or you can layer bracelets with different metals to keep your look interesting!

If you’re looking to get really creative, try layering rings of different metals using normal rings and midi-rings. Don’t over complicate things, choose one area you want to be the focal point, and then keep things simple everywhere else.

Two-Toned Pieces
If you aren’t quite ready to start stacking on layered pieces, another great way to incorporate multiple metals in a look is through two-toned pieces. Two-toned pieces of jewelry give you the best of both worlds, combining silver and gold to create a new look! These kinds of pieces are also great because you can pair them with either plain gold or silver jewelry, and you can’t go wrong. Get a timeless, unique, two-toned jewelry piece and start mixing metals!

Similar Textures
Another great way to start using mixed metals in your day to day look is to use jewelry with similar textures. For example, if you like to wear multiple bangles, try incorporating a different color metal into the mix with the same design as the other bangles. This will help to create a unique, cohesive look. Try the same thing with necklaces to get a cute result!

Add a Third Color
Adding another color into the mix of your jewelry is also a great way to incorporate different metals. Wear a rose gold chain accompanied by silver and gold necklaces as well to change things up. Wearing a gem color with contrasting metals is also chic and trendy!

Stick with the Same Aesthetic
The main thing to focus on when mixing metals is sticking with the same style throughout your outfit and jewelry choices. Whether you like a boho look or a more classic look, just keep your style consistent.

Next time you go to get dressed, don’t be scared to experiment with multiple kinds of metals. With gold, silver, rose gold jewelry and more, the options are endless! Get started mixing and matching, browse our jewelry today!