The 8 Most Popular Types of Earrings You Should be Wearing

There are earrings for special events, everyday wear, and office wear. Here’s a look at the popular types and how can wear them with a twist:

Studded and Hooped

The most widely used pair of fashion earrings are studs. Fixed tightly to the earlobe, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and metals. Some are plain, others intricately designed. Some are made of metal or enamel, others encrusted with diamonds, pearls or precious stones. Depending on your preference and situation you can choose a shape that suits you. You can add a twist by wearing two different studs together. Also known as Congo earrings, hoops were the first type of shape designed to wear as ear ornaments. While they have a signature shape, they have different looks. You can choose from thick bands, hoop style, metal, with gems or beads, miniature ringlets and gigantic hoops that touch the shoulders. A twist to the hoops is the Creole earring that resembles a half-moon.

Danglers and Chandeliers

Femininity and elegance are enhanced when women wear long drop earrings that elongate the face. In any form, it lends an air of sophistication and grace. Danglers can be chunky, slender, dainty and glamorous. Similar to drop earrings there are chandeliers, that are relatively much larger and more elaborate in their size and style. They are generally narrow at the earlobe and balloon at the bottom. The bottom part has multi-layers and is interwoven with feathers, precious stones, and pearls. For fashion earrings, they are perfect for evening wear and complement all women, irrespective of the shape of their face. Wear a single one for a truly trendy look.

Clustered and Jacketed

Cluster earrings have gemstones or crystals grouped in a single composition. Three crystals can form a triangle and then there are floral shapes and star patterns. These fashion earrings come in different shapes, sizes and may also include hanging parts. A trendy style that has recently come in is a gold hoop with a cluster of hanging precious stones. The ear jacket is another alternative to the stud where the main element of the earring is worn behind the back of the ear. Known as the jacket, it can be changed according to your mood or removed completely, leaving only the stud in.

Climbers and Cuffs

Ear climbers are relatively new in the world of earring jewelry and are long. They look as though they are climbing the ear lobe. These fashion earrings can be large attention grabbers, or delicate, depending on your style preference. Ear cuffs cover most of the ear lobe and then run up to the edge of the ear. They can be worn on their own or with a hanging attachment. A twist is to add a combination of black and white diamonds to enhance the chic look.

The earrings you wear to a function, the shape you choose and the choice of stones are all a personal expression, reflecting the true you.